Vacation & Travel

You know the feeling.  There you are, en route to your awaited destination.  You have been saving money for months, daydreaming of the sand between your toes or the wind on your face as you glide down a glistening ski slope and here you are – FINALLY! – vacation has officially begun and you couldn’t be happier! ….

Then it hits you…

Did you pack everything?  I mean literally EVERYTHING that you need?  Will there be a shop or general store where you can purchase a replacement for the item left behind?  Or did you leave something far more important?  Your passport?  Driver’s license?  Tickets?  Phone?

We have ALL been there.

I have suffered a few vacation blunders myself that were a direct result of careless packing and, therefore, ill-prepared suitcases.  Due to those blunders, I somewhat of a packing princess.  I have lists – tried and true lists for every type of get-a-way whether it be tropical vacations, simple family vacations, skiing trips, romantic getaways, family reunions, class reunions etc.  I check them off as I purchase items, I check them off again as I pack items and then I check them off one last and final time when my suitcase is all packed.

Learn from me!  ALWAYS use packing lists when you are traveling away from your home for more than two days – especially when you are traveling with children!  Otherwise, you could find yourself spending over $300 in NYC on toiletries, personal care items and other supplies that you easily could have packed at home.


Tropical Vacation Pack List