Product Review:: It Works! Ultimate Thermofit


Smell:  Herbal and spicy fragrance.  I actually enjoy the smell! 
Taste:  Herbal-like taste.  If you let the pills sit too long in your mouth you will start to taste the peppery formula.
Does it work?:  Yes, I have lost 5 pounds so far – even while eating junk food during the holidays.
LV’s Rank on a 10-scale:  
9!  I definitely recommend.

** I am not affiliated with It Works! in any capacity.  This is a true product review.

Ah yes – the ever popular diet pill.  Who doesn’t want to lose weight and increase their attractiveness?  It seems like we all know someone who is an It Works! independent distributor.  I had heard a little about It Works! through social media – mostly about the wraps that everyone raves about with the seemingly absurd before & after photos.  It wasn’t until my best friend began selling It Works! that I decided to finally give the products a chance.  I attended her first wrap party and was blown away.  I was impressed with how well the company is structured as well as their variety of products.

The company is much more than just wraps – they also sell essential oils, dietary supplements, “Skinny Packs” and skin care products to name a few.  I personally was immediately drawn to the Ultimate Thermofit pills that claim to “fire up your metabolism” with a “naturally based, thermogenic weight loss formula.”  So I became a loyal customer.  I committed to purchasing a product from the company for three straight months in order to obtain the discounted price.  Four months later, I am still a loyal customer and I take my Ultimate Thermofit pills religiously.

I started out taking one pill in the morning with breakfast and one in the afternoon with lunch.  I weighed in at 177 pounds and didn’t see results for about two and a half weeks.  When I was about to hit my three-week mark, that is when I started noticing weight loss.  I first noticed it in the way my clothes fit around my waist.  I jumped on the scale three weeks after first popping the pills into my mouth – 175 pounds!  Two pounds in three weeks.  I should note that I did not diet or exercise during that time – I was simply testing the product’s ability to increase my metabolism on it’s own without any aid from healthy lifestyle habits.  So, a direct answer as to if this product works – It Works!  (No pun intended)

My favorite thing about the product?  I began taking the pills at the end of October so I went through the holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, lots of birthdays and Valentine’s Day – and I ate to my heart’s content.  I also took my Ultimate Thermogenic pills.  And, much to my delight, I did not gain a single pound!  I survived the holidays and weighed in right at 175, the weight I was at before the holidays began.  I really should have gained anywhere from 3-5 pounds during those three months and I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary except swallow a pill twice a day.  So, I feel as though I must chalk up my success at not gaining holiday weight to the pills.

** ONE HUGE TIP!:  Take the two pills together.  Don’t spread them out.  About a month ago, my distributor recommended taking the two pills together.  So, I began taking the two pills right after I ate breakfast.  About two hours after I take my pills, I am very hungry again.  Normally it takes me a little while to work up an appetite – but not when I take my Ultimate Thermofit!  My metabolism has really kicked up this past month.  And still, without diet or exercise, I have lost three more pounds.  I am sitting steady at 172 pounds.  In two weeks I will be adding in a low-calorie diet and a moderate exercise plan.  I’m excited to see how quickly I can reach my goal of 145 pounds!

Stay tuned 😉




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